The Academy Band is for those starting to discover music and for those returning to it after a break.

It is made up of both adults and younger people.

No Auditions  -  No Minimum Standard

CWB Academy Band - Conducted by Ryan Bunce

(Renamed from Training Band - April 2018)

The Academy Band is a fun and friendly group which welcomes players of all ages and abilities. It aims to provide an ensemble experience for younger, developing musicians, and older performers returning to music after a break.

Under it’s new Conductor Ryan Bunce the Academy Band will cover a wide range of music of varying levels of difficulty to accommodate the ability range of our members.

Repertoire for the spring term included:

Africa - Toto, arr Jerry Davis             

The Greatest Showman Selections    

Pasak & Paul, arr Paul Murtha

Great Movie Adventures                     

John Williams, arr Michael Sweeney

If you are interested in joining the Academy Band, or wish to find out more about us, please e-mail
Bryan Ogilvie at

Alternatively, why not just come along to a rehearsal!

Rehearsals are held every Monday from 6.30 to 7.30 at Robertswood School, Chalfont St. Peter.


“I enjoy mixing with people of different ages and making new friends outside of school. Training Band is a fun, enjoyable environment, the song choices are relevant and it has helped me improve on my instrument.”



“There is a wonderful camaraderie between the musicians. Training Band has improved my all-round musicality and given me greater appreciation for harmonies and playing as part of a group.”



“I found out about Training Band on a poster in a music shop, advertising an open evening. It said: “Have you always wanted to be in a band? Do you want to take up playing an instrument again after not playing for some time?” My answer was yes to both these questions.

I have really enjoyed Training Band for a few years now. We play a great range of music and I feel I get really good music tuition from David in the rehearsals. I love the mixture of ages within the band and most of all just playing together and making music! I find it really relaxing and uplifting.”



“I found out about the Chalfont Wind Band through my music teacher, who is a member of the band herself. I joined to improve my skills as a musician. I am now able to play in a group and have learned how to play in contrast with other instruments.”



“I found out about the Chalfont Wind Band from my brother. When I watched him at the Christmas Concert, it looked really fun and like something I would enjoy. I feel I learn a lot from the band. It helps me get to explore different styles/types of music and helps me with my notes. Also, since I am working towards my Grade 2, it helps with my rhythm & musicality and what it is like to play with other talented musicians.”

Academy Band in Action


“My mum found out about the Training Band by searching online as I wanted to join a band out of school and one that wasn't only classical music. I love coming to band because it's fun, there's lots of jokes, I learn new things every week and play music by artists I know as well as learning new pieces. I think band has helped me really progress my musical knowledge and confidence and I have really enjoyed playing in concerts and having the chance to play with the Main Band and meet musicians from different parts of the country.  If you play an instrument and want to have fun, you should join up!”



“After a long break in playing music, I joined the Training Band and now have the confidence to play with the Main Band even when the music is tricky. The best bit is that it’s not about what grades you’ve passed or having had to audition, but more about how the music makes you feel and making new friends. I still play with the Training Band, and the technical support from the MD is as good as having private lessons.”



“I found out about Training Band after deciding I wanted to join a local wind band, and found the website via Google. I hadn't been playing trombone for very long and hadn't read bass clef before, and it seemed like a good way to get better / more confident with both. This is pretty much what I got out of it in the end too. It also means I'm all warmed up by the time Main Band starts which is handy!”



“Having played the Bb clarinet, I decided to take up the Bass and wanted somewhere sympathetic to get used to playing it. Training Band was ideal for this as everyone was very welcoming and accepting of my strange noises especially at the beginning. Once I began to improve and gain confidence, I carried on attending because I really enjoyed the mix of repertoire and the pace of the rehearsals; lively but paying adequate attention to musicianship. David makes the rehearsals fun and informative and it is great to see the way he works with less-experienced players, encouraging them and giving them the confidence to try things they may have thought beyond them. We've given some really good concert performances too!”

Chalfont Wind Band 1977-2018

Chalfont Concert Wind Band